Premier Manhasset Invisalign Procedure

Today, there are a variety of dental procedures available for patients who are concerned about fixing their teeth for a healthy and confident smile. This may include laser teeth whitening, sedation, envisaging, facial aesthetics and other physical changing dental procedures which can make huge difference in your smile and look. Our premier Manhasset Invisalign Procedure is the latest and most poular in todays dentistry world.

More Info About Our Manhasset Invisalign Procedures

Invisalign Dental Procedures are a type of treatment in dentistry that is used to align the teeth without using metal braces. However, it works very similar to your traditional metal braces but has many advantages compared it. Wearing the braces has its own advantages as well given its comfortable fit. It is also a removable brace which means you can wear and remove it whenever you wish. Moreover, they are less noticeable compared to metal braces which are highly visible to the eyes of onlookers. Our Manhasset Invisalign Specialists design custom fitted invisalign braces to match the exact shape of your teeth. Its vital that the braces are custom molded for your teeth in order to ensure that they fit well and can properly reshape and realign the teeth. Usually, these braces are transparent in color and hence it is less visible. These braces are not made like metal or steel braces. The metal braces are not removable except by a dentist, but the Invisalign Dental Braces are removable without the assistance of a dentist.

How Does Invisalign Dental Procedure Work?

Unlike traditional braces which use steel and metal to straighten the teeth by means of gradual adjustment, our Invisalign Dental Procedure uses plastic aligners which can gradually move the teeth to its active place over time. The procedure works gradually and may take time, but our Manhasset Invisalign Procedure is far more faster and comfortable and virtually unnoticeable to the eyes, unlike the traditional braces which uses wires and metal braces. You can remove them when you eat and even cleaning of the braces is possible as it is made out of plastic.

How Long Does Our Manhasset Invisalign Procedures Take to Show Results?

Our Invisalign Dental Procedures usually takes 6 months to 6 years depending upon the severity of the misaligned teeth of the patient. In order to get the best invisalign fitting first schedule for an appointment with our Invisalign Specialists in Manhasset and after a thorough examination, the specialist will recommend the best Invisalign for your teeth. Prior to ordering the braces, the 3D picture will be taken by the specialists of the jaw structure. After the pictures, the specialists will evaluate the severity of the misalignment and recomened the amount of the time required by the Invisalign to fix your misaligned teeth.

You need to know the fact that not all Manhasset Dentists work with these kinds of braces and hence you need to talk with a specialist prior to seeking an appointment. During your visit, the specialists may ask you few crucial things which you need to answer. The specialists will also teach you the methods for wearing and removing the braces and the time required for aligning the teeth.

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