PUR2o’s Water Filtration and De-Mineralization System


PUR2o’s Water Filtration and De-Mineralization System


Intro To D-H20 Water Filtration Systems

As a dental health professional it is of the utmost importance that any water you use in your practice is clean, high quality, and 100% contaminant free.

Dentists rely so heavily on water to keep their practice running smoothly and efficiently (not to mention safely) that any contaminants – bacterial, chemical, or microbial – can have a disastrous impact not only on patients but on staff, equipment, and the reputation of the clinic itself.

Because tap water cannot be trusted in a dental setting to be completely safe and completely contaminant-free, a lot of practices end up purchasing commercial distillation solutions or purchase gigantic jugs of distilled water. Both of these options work in the short-term but are inevitably a lot more expensive in the long term and just don’t fit with the workflow of modern practices.

That’s where the PUR2o’s D-h2o Water Filtration and De-Mineralization/De-Ionization (DI) comes into play.

Designed specifically to provide dental professionals with a modern distillation solution that is high-speed, does not waste any energy, and does not need a lot of maintenance or regular upkeep to perform at a high level, this technology is a game-changer.

Using this new tool allows you to have unlimited access to high-quality de-ionized and demineralized water on demand, water that features all of the characteristics of distilled water commercially available. You’ll get a 100% reduction of total dissolved solids in your water in a way that isn’t possible otherwise.

Best of all, this technology starts to pay for itself almost immediately. Combine this with how easy it is to use, how much more efficient it makes your practice, and that it is very much a long-term solution to provide you with daily distilled water on demand and you’re looking at a no-brainer decision here.


D-H20 DI Water Filtration Systems

This water purification and demineralizer will totally replace energy-wasting and slow-moving traditional distillation solutions as well as the need to purchase gigantic jugs of distilled water from here on out.

Not only will you get distilled water on demand for all of your practice needs (particularly when it comes to sensitive equipment), but you can also use a re-mineralization cartridge to provide your practice and your clients with refreshing clean drinking water as well.


D-H20 MAX Water Filtration Systems

The easiest way to provide your practice with on-demand distilled water free from suspended solids throughout your practice is to install this MAX unit directly into your water system, providing a single-source solution that scrubs your water clear 24/7 without any maintenance required whatsoever.


D-H20 Handy Water Filtration Systems

If you have a smaller dental practice, or do not need to have distilled water available throughout your practice on a 24/7 basis but instead only needed in specific situations, the Handy unit provides distilled water on-demand by plugging directly into laboratory faucets.

You get all the benefits of demineralized water immediately available on demand in a portable solution that can bounce from room to room without any degradation in performance and giving you the flexibility and freedom to use this tool as your needs dictate.


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