Help! My Teeth Are Dingy and Yellow

Help! My Teeth Are Dingy and Yellow

Despite the fact that well-being and self-care talk is all the rage right now, oral health and cosmetic dentistry aren’t usually part of the conversation. However, anyone who has ever felt dissatisfied with their smile (let’s face it, most of us have or will at some point) knows how yellow or damaged teeth can mess with your confidence and self-esteem. 

To make matters worse, even your best efforts may not be enough against factors that can stain and discolor your teeth, from your diet and health to the aging process itself. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for yellow teeth and a dingy smile. 

Our dentists and specialists at Manhasset Dental Arts offer a range of general and cosmetic dentistry services at our office in Manhasset, New York to help you look and feel your best at any age.

A good self-image starts with a great smile

Unfortunately, yellow teeth and dental stains are a fairly normal part of life, especially as we age. That’s because the enamel layer that protects your teeth begins to get thinner as you get older, making your teeth more vulnerable to stains. 

The risk of yellow teeth is also greater, of course, if you smoke or use tobacco products. The same goes for coffee, tea, red wine, your favorite pasta sauce, and even the berries you eat to boost those healthy antioxidants!

Brushing your teeth isn’t enough to keep them white

Over-the-counter whitening products like toothpaste, strips, and gels can help, but they don’t pack the same punch as the professional teeth whitening treatments that you can only get from the dentist. 

Commercial whitening products may also contain abrasive ingredients that can actually damage your tooth enamel, making the problem worse. While you should continue to brush your teeth after meals and floss once a day for your oral health, a professional teeth whitening treatment is your best bet if you want to see noticeable and lasting results. 

At Manhasset Dental Arts, we use modern laser teeth whitening technology which is non-invasive and delivers great results without subjecting your teeth to harsh and abrasive ingredients. Before your laser teeth whitening treatment at our office, you’ll receive a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning to prep your teeth for whitening.

If you have any underlying oral health issues like a cavity or signs of gum disease, our dentists may recommend treating them first before receiving your laser teeth whitening treatment.

If you’re unhappy with your smile for any reason, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you, and liking what you see when you look in the mirror is a critical part of your confidence and well-being. 

For more information about professional teeth whitening treatments and other cosmetic dentistry services available at Manhasset Dental Arts, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at our office in Manhasset, New York.

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