7 Problems Veneers Resolve

7 Problems Veneers Resolve

Veneers are one of the most versatile dental restorations offered today. From covering yellow, stained teeth to closing gaps and spaces, they’re an effective and quick solution to several cosmetic imperfections.

At Manhasset Dental Arts, our dentists offer a range of cosmetic and general dentistry services at our office in Manhasset, New York.

7 problems veneers resolve

Even if your teeth and gums are perfectly healthy, cosmetic imperfections can take a toll on your confidence and self-esteem. If there’s something you’d like to change about your smile, rest assured you’re not alone.


Most people have something they’d like to change about their smile, whether it’s whiter teeth or to fix chipped and cracked teeth. That’s where veneers come in. 


Veneers are minimally invasive, quick, and custom-designed to change the size, shape, and color of damaged teeth.

Seven common dental problems that veneers can correct include:

1. Stained and discolored teeth

Even with the best efforts, our teeth are always vulnerable to stains and discoloration over time. From everyday habits like drinking tea and coffee to taking certain medications and the aging process itself, we all need a little help getting whiter teeth. 

Professional teeth whitening treatments are a great option to remove stains from the surface of your teeth (known as extrinsic stains). However, some types of stains develop from damage to the dentin layer, which lies beneath your enamel. These are called intrinsic stains.

Surface whitening treatments are less effective on intrinsic stains, so veneers are a better option. Veneers are also a good option for teeth that have already been treated with other restorations like fillings or bonding.

2. Chips and cracks

Veneers are a great option to fix minor to moderate chips, cracks, and fractures. 

3. Gaps and spaces

If you want a more even and symmetrical smile, veneers can close the gaps and spaces between your teeth. However, if you have bite and alignment issues, you may also need orthodontic treatment.

4. Crooked teeth

While veneers aren’t a substitute for orthodontic treatment, they can improve the appearance of slightly misaligned or crooked teeth, making your teeth look straighter without undergoing more invasive dental treatment.

5. Uneven teeth

Beauty is symmetry as the old saying goes, but teeth aren’t always symmetrical. Veneers change the size and shape of uneven and misshapen teeth to get your smile just how you want it.

6. Worn down teeth

Problems like teeth grinding (bruxism) can wear your teeth down over time. Depending on the extent of the damage, veneers can be a good option to restore lost tooth surface. 

7. General cosmetic improvements

If you just want to make minor cosmetic changes or improvements to your smile, veneers are a great choice. 

If you have underlying dental issues like cavities or gum disease, our dentists will likely treat them first to protect your oral health and guarantee the best results for your needs.

For more information about veneers and the general and cosmetic dentistry services available at Manhasset Dental Arts, contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office in Manhasset, New York.

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